Designer Writing Surfaces

Functional design

Functional, stylish and hard working

Our collection of writing surfaces and acoustic products from Lintex are every bit as hard working as they are stylish. Featuring ceramic steel and glass writing surfaces, combined with high quality wood, aluminium and fabric finishes. they can be mounted, wheeled or carried as needed, adding flexibility and sculpture like style to any space. 

Suitable for all types of learning and working environments, including offices, school, hospitality and yes, your home. 


Endless possibilities 

Each Lintex product comes in a variety of options and finishes. So we can find the solution and style this suited to your space we welcome you to get in touch and allow us to deliver the solutions that meets both your styling and functional needs. 

For an exploratory consultation or quote please feel free to reach out on

Designer Finishes

Lintex boards are made from the highest quality wood, aluminium, glass, ceramic steel and textiles on the market. Making them not only a pleasure to behold but ultra durable and resilient. 

These are products that are meant to be used. 

Installing Shelves

Professional Installations

When you purchase a Lintex board from Siblingz you are not only getting a product, but a solution. Our team will take care of assembly and installation. 

Designer work spaces

Lintex products have great technical acoustic properties, which means they work particularly well in office spaces. 

Our team would be more than happy to consult on colour and technical choices for your workspace. 

If you have a larger project our Design Studio can assist with this as well. 


Your space deserves nothing less