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Children's Bedroom Design -
A Tonal Jungle in Central London

In this particular project our client was slightly younger than our normal clientele, and definitely a lot more fun. Having had very particular ideas for his space, it was a pleasure to translate a mountain of thoughts into a distilled idea and execution. All whilst keeping mom and dads wallets in check. 

​The brief was that there has to be animals, but this needs to be a "big boy" room also. so no overtly childlike items should be used. In the same breath there has to be a beanbag and plenty of space for his legos and books. 

Mom and dad weighed in as well with desk and storage space ranking high on the list of requirements. 

Inspired by the Biophilic Design philosophies (read more here) we proceeded to design what we refer to as the Tonal Jungle. 

Read more about this project on our journal entry here.