Seeing is believing

Having confidence in your design decisions is one of the most challenging things for any one embarking on a build project (professional or otherwise). Whilst years of experience can help improve this, knowing something will work is often an calculated risk. On the scale of a room this becomes even more difficult, not to mention an entire building.

Things such as lighting, colour schemes, layouts, textures and context all play a huge role in how a finished room will work for a client and ultimately serve its purpose.

Mood boards and reference images help a lot with the creative and technical process but in recent years the increasingly accessibility to tools and services that help represent these variables designers. developers, self builders and specifiers can now, with a great deal of accuracy, preview a design before implementing.

3D visuals, renders, archiviz, CGI are some of the buzz words used to describe the processes and tools that generate these visuals. Numerous platforms and services also exist to provide these solutions and like most things quality, value and timelines will vary.

At Siblingz Visual Labs our Preview service is a very specific solution that aims to provide visualisation tools in a way that is suitable for project decision making. This means that whilst we have the capabilities of creating high end quality visuals at high resolution our service is aimed at giving you a realistic render result that allows you to make decisions relating to your project.

The process

The visualisation service does not make up for design, and still requires a thorough idea of what you want a space to look like. Reference images, mood boards, samples and accurate dimensions of the space you are working with are essential.

For new builds where room dimensions and wall, door and window placement are under consideration should still have a starting point.

1. The starting point of the process is creating a detailed 3D model of the space, with as many of the key elements represented either in detail or in close proximity.

These are usually generated from an architects drawings but could be created from a series of photographs and a few key measurements.

A 3D designer children's room using Sketchup
3D Model of children's room - (approx 7 - 14 hours for model creation)

2. Once the model has been created a collaborative process of refining surface finishes, material options and item placement leads to a final design. These changes could be fed back to the visuals team as a comments pack or some changes could be done in real time via video call.

(Each change will take about 1 hour to complete)

Where possible we offer a VR engagement allowing our clients to walk through their space and experience the 3D dimensions in true life scale.

3. Using fast render engines we can produce quality visuals in 4K within minutes allowing various angles and views to be process with a high degree of visual accuracy.

Floor plan and layout of a room design in rendered format

4. Once the base setup has been completed designers can request almost limitless views, perspectives and changes with a fast turnaround. This includes views that are suitable for technical briefs and detailed specifications.

Wallpaper and storage system technical view

Cost of service

Rendering services are very much priced based on time and resources used to produce them. The Preview visual product however takes advantage of the latest in technology and the expertise of our team to produce visuals at high speed without compromising on quality. Because we aim at representing elements with the available light we do not do any post processing enhancements to our renders ensuring you are able to respond to low light within the design.

The above example was created using our Premium Package which includes:

  • Creation of a 3D model, including geolocation for accurate light reference

  • Application of selected finishes, colours and textures

  • 5 x rendered images

  • 1 x Floor Plan View

  • 5 x Parallel Projection Images

  • 1 x 360 Degree images

  • 2 x revisions (changes processed in bulk)

This package retails for £500 and gives you access to the studio for 5 days to process changes and apply revisions. T&C's apply.

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