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Updated: May 19

Heading back to the office after the covid lockdowns has been both exciting and daunting. Navigating the busy streets of our cities, trying to stay safe and adjusting to yet another new way of working can be very stressful.

For a lot of us the dining room table or spare room has been a convenient and familiar safe haven and after a few visits to Ikea and the like a lot of us have managed to create comfortable and efficient spaces to get work done from.

As a design consultancy we had no shortage of clients calling on us for advice and in some cases complete make overs to ensure that working from home was as pleasant as it could possibly be.

As the tide turns we have our work cut out for us, bringing a bit of that home comfort into city offices. Creating spaces that feel every bit as comfortable as home but also adjusting to hybrid working rhythms, hot-desking and technology upgrades.

Our latest client in the prestigious Berkeley Square House in Mayfair was a wonderful showcase.

The brief was simple...please change we did.

The original layout was cluttered and typical of the serviced office concepts, lots of desks and very little personal space. The furniture was dates and impractical (too small) for the large format screens our client needed for their work.

After a few focusses consultations our team suggested a sit/stand desk setup to suit our client's functional working arrangements, a breakout and client hosting area and few functional meeting spaces.

We kept the colour pallet very tonal using deep blacks to create a calm and sophisticated ambiance, Little pops of colour and softness was introduced through grey fabrics in the sofa and brown leather armchairs.

Functional additions like our iconic whiteboards adds functionality and style and our fiddle fig leaf potted trees brings in a bit of nature and texture into the space..

We love giving our clients spaces they can be proud of and improves their day to day.

Reach out to our team to discover how we can do the same for you.

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