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Updated: Oct 24

This week marked the 5th anniversary of the day we met David and Izzy of Apeiron Interiors at Decorex International when it was still hosted at the beautiful Syon Park in London.

It was a nippy Autumn day but a warmth overwhelmed us as we explored the world of interior design and beauty under the magnificent towering tent canopy of the exhibition hall. Everything seemed special and unique and got us very excited for our journey as a new business in the UK.

Whilst we expected to be impressed, and most certainly were hunting for new connections and inspiration, little did we know that on this day we would forge a life long friendship, and even less did we know that we would find a product so consuming that we would give it an exclusive space in our business.

Great products do not simply exist without the enthusiasm and energy of wonderful people.

These two serendipities are not mutually exclusive though. Great product does not simply exist without the enthusiasm and energy of wonderful people like David and Izzy. In fact we might simply have walked past them not thinking much of what was quite a simple setup, until we learned how special they and what they had to offer was:

Roller blinds. Yes, that's right, roller blinds. Now for most of us, especially in the UK, roller blinds are not something you get excited about. In fact, often the thought of roller blinds conjure up images of B&Q or Dunelm and have a harsh sense of practicality about them. But it is for this exact reason why we got so excited...these roller blinds were exquisite. They were special, refined, elevated. In fact you wish you could call them by a another name, as this rose was quite different from all the others.

Why? Everything is considered; the engineered aluminium mechanism, the precisely machined finials, the gorgeous Italian fabrics and the sheer unapologetic presence they exude, made you take notice. It was unlike anything we have come across and nothing since has made the cut. It is for this reason that we have placed these systems in centre place in our product collection.

Since then these wonderful systems have found their way into some amazing homes. Everything from sleek London Apartments, luxurious Beaconsfield Mansions and quaint Cotswolds Cottages have been elevated and dressed with our beautiful roller blind systems. With a range of finishes, fabric and mechanisms to choose from, every aesthetic can be met and every function can addressed.

All this however would not nearly be as special without the people. From the first consultation at the Kensington Showroom to the final installation by our trusted installers, every detail and experience is considered.

We invite you to explore both the people and the product at the showroom in South Kensington and allow us to brings something special into your home.

Siblingz Design Studio


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