Children's Bedroom Design - A tonal jungle in Central London

Updated: Aug 12

Our residential design team at Siblingz had a lot of fun designing this room in our client's lovely home in London. Having moved into a new build development the space was a blank canvas and we couldn't wait to start putting pen to to paper, or perhaps wallpaper to wall.

The brief was not simple. This room was for the clients youngest, growing too old for baby room vibes, but yet still very much playful and in need of a room filled with adventure. The owners style was very muted and tonal, which the little one had adopted, and they loved animals. Getting these two world to meet was a bit of a challenge but we couldn't be happier with the outcome.

Children's Bedroom featuring a safari style wall paper mural, a bed, shelving, seating and signature rug. A window with blinds and curtain combo flood light into the room and the colour pallet is tonal with hints of colour. Theme is black and white with golden mustard accents.
Children's Room with Feature Wall

We went for a tonal colour pallet, working on a neutral base and adding various darker tones. Using pattern, texture and finish we created warmth and depth. We added a splash of colour by featuring a golden mustard colour in the soft furnishings, window treatments and our favourite; a golden monkey lamp.

The starting point was to add a feature wall to the room. The wallpaper is jungle mural design by Sian Zeng that we wrapped around two wall of the room to create an immersive feel. The benefit of a mural like this is that it creates a sense of depth and therefor space, making the room feel larger than it is.

Large area rug bridges the different areas created in the room

The second largest surface, the floor, featured the apartments neutral wool carpet, which we kept, but to tie the room in we used a zebra themed rug that tied in with the theme, colour pallet, was large enough to bridge the open spaces and because of its odd natural shape, broke up the straight lines in the room.

Versatile storage systems allows new configurations as your needs change

To add additional storage outside of the fitted wardrobes, we used two of our favourite products both or their flexibility and style. The first was the string system that is infinitely flexible. it allowed us to add shelving, cupboards and a desk unit. The second was the Libri shelving system from Swedese. The dark textured wood finishes created a lovely contrast against the jungle wallpaper and provided handy storage and display spaces for our clients favourite things.

Functional accessories style the room whilst being useful

We love adding accessories that are both functional and add to the rooms style and theme. In this room we opted for a tree shaped coat hanger which is not only handy for coats, but adds to the feeling of tallness in the room. The chalk writing board from Lintex is just as much fun, adding a useful place to jot down reminders, week's plans or just be creative on, whilst looking like a work of art.

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