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by siblingz & Co. 

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Luxurious décor for refined living

Collection by siblingz is a curation of luxury furnishings and décor designed and crafted for those who expect quality and style without compromise. 

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Dressing the largest surfaces in your home is often daunting as they could make all the difference between tying a room together or making it feel lacking. 

Our collection of luxury roller blinds and drapery, crafted rugs and artisan wall paper is the perfect compliment to any space. 

Sourced with a mindset of excellence, in pursuit of creating the exceptional, The Collection by Siblingz is the ultimate expression of personal style and taste.

The Collection

The perfect union of artistry and craft

Luxurious Blinds

Simplicity is the ultimate luxury

Our collection of luxury blinds by designers Venestre are the epitome of sophistication and style.

Each piece is crafted with precision and features exclusive fabrics with high-end detailing, ranging from cool polished aluminium to glamorous brushed gold. It is the ultimate expression of style.

The smooth operation of the hand mechanism is only surpassed by the elegant glide of the automatic specification each adding a sense of ceremony every time you interact with your blinds. 

Technically magnificent, and visually enticing, our blinds allows perfect control of the light that enters your room, allowing you to  achieve a magical ambiance during the day and block-out-darkness at night. 

Combined with our drapery, all contained on a single elegant system, you can add layers and dimension to your space for the ultimate feel of indulgence and opulence. 

Discover more here

Collection by Siblingz - Luxury Rugs, Blinds and Curtains London 2.png
TC - Blinds

Every detail considered

What makes our window systems so special is that every detail is considered. From the quality of the chains on the our manual roller blinds to the quality of the glide on our curtain track, things that matter to those who expect perfection.

Hand knotted rugs

Art of a different kind

The collection of hand crafted rugs, designed by studio Casasensi are works of art. 

" Handmade rugs are like art forms:
passionate, erratic, creative, sometimes random, sometimes disciplined, always unique. "

The collection is unique. Inspired by nature, art, architecture and culture it features designs that are special and personal. They tell a story and evoke an emotional response. Underfoot or on a wall these will spark conversation and feelings of joy. 


Made from only natural materials using sustainable and traditional processes they do no harm to the planet. By nature they will become heirloom pieces to be enjoyed by many, for a long time.   

For more information, ordering and sourcing contact us here:

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Luxurious Drapery

Haute Couture for your windows

The Venestre Collection of luxury curtains feature fabrics that have been curated from the finest mills around the world. 

From elegant silks to delicate linens the collection will take your breath away. Inspired by the couture houses of Paris and the tailors of London our drapery collection reminds of having bespoke fashion tailor made for you, a perfect fit, no detail missed. 

From the glide on the rail systems to the draping on the floor, the elegant motion when drawing your curtain will make you feel like time is standing still, a moment to cherish. 

Our fabrics are not only beautiful but also technically superior. Available in extra long lengths we are able to produce join free runs for most windows allowing perfect draping. 

We offer a full measurement and installation service for stand alone projects or as part of a bigger scheme. 

We also assist developers and builders with sourcing for their projects on any scale. 

For ordering and sourcing contact us here:

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Artisan Wallpaper

Covered from floor to ceiling

Wall coverings, murals, panelling and detailing offer a rare luxury by transporting it's occupants to place far from their surrounding, captivating the imagination, immersing them in art. 

Our Collection of artisan wall coverings are carefully selected from some of the best manufacturers in the industry, each style meticulously crafted from beautiful materials to add depth, texture and richness to the walls they adorn. 

We are able to assist with selection, sourcing and installation as stand alone projects or as part of a bigger scheme. 

We also assist developers and builders with sourcing for their projects on any scale. 

For in-depth detail of the wall covering collection visit

Arte International. 

For ordering and sourcing contact us here:

Artisan Wallpaper from The Collection by Siblingz

At your service

We provide a personal approach to selecting the perfect items for your space, akin to curating art and arrange for surveys,  installation and styling as needed to ensure your purchase is installed as intended. 

Our team also offer a Concierge service that will procure and manage all purchases of bespoke items from your favourite brand on your behalf and arrange white glove delivery and installation.

If there is something your space needs, but you can't quite seem to put your finger on it, we would be delighted to consult and find that missing piece.

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Bespoke Luxury Blinds, Curtains, Rugs and Furnishings for homes of distinction, supplied through The Collection by Siblingz & Co. 

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Luxury Blinds, Curtains, Rugs and Wallpaper

The Luxury Collection by Siblingz & Co. is a curation of bespoke blinds, curtains, rugs and wallpaper for homes of distinction.

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