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Concierge by Siblingz

Siblingz Design Studio introduces Concierge, a discreet Interior Design solution

for corporate and private clients alike, that places our studio's skills and expertise

at your disposal for those times when you need tailored design solutions without the fuss. 

Built on our cornerstone of aesthetic functionality, Concierge practically navigates any impromptu and boutique scale décor needs from brief to execution. 

Convenience meets style

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live exceptionally



work exceptionally

Studio Apartment

From concept to completion

A lot of buildings have a full time concierge to help with day to day needs.  Concierge by Siblingz is your go to for your day to day decor needs, helping you make the most out of your space. 

As part of our service offering we have set up a design support service specifically for clients who are moving into new spaces to help plan layouts, existing furniture placement, additional pieces, decorating, styling and execution. All before move in day. 


Blank canvas or redesign

C is for conceptualise, curate, coordinate, conclude

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See your space

As part of our service we provide an immersive 360 degree preview of your space before any work is started. This allows you to get a preview of the final concept and make any changes before you commit to product purchases and layouts.

This is also a great tool to see how your current furniture could work in a space all before moving in. 


Only the best will do

We only source from reputable suppliers who we trust on a completely transparent basis, giving you piece of mind that you are getting the best at the best prices. 

Our inhouse sourcing team, lead by Siblingz & Co. will find the perfect pieces for your space taking into account style, functionality and budget.  


All taken care of

Concierge is all about taking the hassle out of the process and handing you a complete project in the shortest possible time. 

Our network of tradespeople, craft persons and installers are managed by us to ensure your project simply gets done. 

Everything covered 

The Siblingz Design Studio offering aims at being holistic design solutions rather than just aesthetic. From brief to installation we take care of the various details as if this were our own space, leaving no detail overlooked. 


We make the most of your space by designing layouts, placement and functional considerations


Selecting materials and finishes and getting down to the detail of Furniture, Fittings and Equipment is very important to make a space really work and serve its purpose

SOURCING & Procurement

We take care of the logistics of finding, procuring and managing the the delivery of the design elements on your behalf. 


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Our entire service is based around a digital twin of your current of future space. By adding detail, lighting and visual elements we can truly bring the vision to life. 

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Remote services

We want to make it as easy for you as possible to get our support, so we have created a few packaged options to get you stared. 

1. Interior Design Consultation

Our online design consultation has been designed to provide you with as much support as possible to navigate you design project with confidence.  

We typically assist with things such as: 

  • Furniture and home décor selection and placement

  • Floor plan layout

  • Stores and brands to consider

  • Styling (surfaces, sofas, beds, walls etc.)

  • Paint/wall treatments and drapery/window treatments

  • Cabinetry and built-ins

  • Fixtures, finishes and trims

  • Construction and remodel ideas

  • Career advice for aspiring designers

  • Guidance / second opinion for professional designers

Book your consultation today on the link below

2. Interior Styling Package

Our Styling Package has been designed to help those who need a bit more help in creating a space that is truly personal, bespoke and full of style but are willing to do the implementation themselves. 

Incorporating all the elements of an interior design project including: 

  • Furniture and home décor selection and placement

  • Floor plan layout

  • Paint/wall treatments

  • Drapery/window treatments

  • Cabinetry and built-ins suggestions

  • Fixtures, finishes and trims

We'll deliver the following to you:

  • Detailed floorplan and furniture placement diagram

  • 3D Reference Visuals to guide styling and implementation

  • Shopping list with all recommended items, links and purchase options

  • Option to have Siblingz & Co. organise all procurement on your behalf. 

  • Samples and finishes

  • Access to our online project portal 

  • 2 x 30 minute calls for any additional project support.

Discover our Interior Design packages here

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Need something specific?

Siblingz & Co. offer a host of bespoke items that can be tailored to your space. Everything from curtains, blinds and rugs to furniture and wallpaper. 

& Co.


Need help with a larger project?

Siblingz Design Studio is all about taking vision and making it reality. If you have a larger project that you need our help with then look no further. 


Get in touch

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Siblingz Online Interior Design and Concierge Services

Siblingz offer concierge style styling, e-design and personal shopping services to its clients. Style made convenient. 

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