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Beautifully hand crafted pieces of art

Custom & Bespoke Rugs

Tactile art made just for you

A beautiful hand crafted rug is akin to any great masterpiece, carrying with it a testimony of the love, passion and dedication to craft and capturing personal creativity in an object that will last as long as the tradition that birthed it. 

Each of the Casasensi rugs is hand tufted using methods and tools that have been passed on for many generations. In some cases it is the life blood of communities and allows us to share in their story in a very personal and intimate way. 

Each piece is crafted through a process that could last as much as 12 months. In today's fast paced world that might seems like a lifetime, but for somethings truly beautiful and truly special this is but a drop in the ocean of the life one of these beautiful rugs would end up living. 

Our studio is proud to offer these to our clients and help translate each of the special designs into something custom and where desired into something truly bespoke. 

A universe of possibilities

Tailored to your space

Like a tailor made suit, each rug is different, requiring precise measuring and fitting to suit your needs, style and room layout. The Siblingz team take care of all these aspects in order to deliver a bespoke rug that is as unique as you are. 

We would love to host you in the showroom in South Kensington London, or meet you in your space to present the various designs and colour options. The only way to truly appreciate these is to see them in person. We also prefer to take care of the measurements ourselves so nothing is left to chance and a perfect fit is ensured. 

For an exploratory consultation or quote please feel free to email us on

Hand made rugs

Traditional Techniques

Combining centuries old tradition with contemporary designs, a bespoke Casasensi rug blends a passion for art, dedication to high-end interior design and appreciation for traditional craftsmanship.

Bespoke Rug Creations

Totally unique

Our design team can produce designs from scratch, creating something truly unique and special just for you. This is also a perfect option for luxury hotel chains and developments to truly add a unique design detail to their spaces. 

Custom Rug Samples

Our services


We can provide and obligation free estimate based on your measurements.


We can do a full design consultation at your premises. 


Our design team can provide advice on colours and finishes that suit your interiors and style giving you a product that is perfectly suited to your space.


We can handle all the logistics of sourcing and delivery within the UK and liaise with installers partners worldwide for international clients. 

Your space deserves nothing less

We are happy to share more detail or host you in at the showroom in South Kensington Showroom

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